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LIABILITY LANE: Kings Langley residents ask for solution to continuing traffic congestion and collisions 

 Published on: 25th February 2021   |   By: Holly Bullen   |   Category: Uncategorized

Residents in Kings Langley continue to be faced with a string of never-ending traffic problems with the recent closure of Box Lane adding to those problems.

This includes residents in Vicarage Lane who have raised concerns surrounding through traffic up the lane for years which was only made worse by the recent closure.

Fran Morris who lives in the lane said the high volumes of traffic combined with large vehicles on the narrow lane has caused difficulties for travellers.

She said: “It’s quite extraordinary because Box Lane is quite big and our road is a lane, we’ve got little cottages on the right-hand side as you go up and they park their cars on the road so it’s one way for a good part of it.

“All these great big lorries are coming through and then recently one got stuck and had to reverse all the way back down the lane and onto the High Street.”

Although Box Lane is now open this is not the end of traffic problems for Vicarage Lane as Fran added that the idea of a one-way system up the lane seems like the only solution.

She said: “I’m not the only resident who feels this way, I can’t think there’s any other way round it. I’ve lived in the area for well over 30 years and they’ve been talking about this for that long but nothing ever happens.

“And in that time schools have been enlarged at the top of Love Lane and that’s obviously impacted traffic.”

Another Vicarage Lane resident John McCombe expressed that he is unsure as to whether a one-way system would be a suitable solution.

He commented: “Some people talk about the possibility of a one-way system but it’s been rejected by all the local councils largely because it’s not an easy solution.

“The HGVs can get up and down Vicarage Lane with some difficulty but if you send them any of the other ways like past the school it will cause immense problems.”

John added that potentially another solution would be to add yellow lines and form no parking zones on some areas of the road.

He said: “Almost opposite us on the bend, if they just took away two spaces, we are not suggesting to double yellow line the whole road.

“A small no parking zone would mean people coming down the hill would be able to tuck in properly.”

John added that in addition to the collisions on the lane and traffic congestion, some houses on the lane including his own suffer from having the area in front of their houses chewed up by the heavy lorries.

He said: “The area gets tremendously chewed up by the heavy lorries, then the mud gets onto our drives and we have to sweep it off.

“It’s really not a good situation.”

A Chipperfield resident who has also noticed the problems said that maybe the lane could be relieved by directing traffic right down Langley Hill which would help minimise the traffic on the lane and the High Street.

Hertfordshire County Council have been contacted for comment.

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