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KILLING BUSINESS: Stanmore shop owner says barriers could force him to close

 Published on: 16th July 2020   |   By: Tim Green   |   Category: Uncategorized

A business owner in Stanmore has described a decision to put up barriers in a service road outside a parade of shops in the town as absolute lunacy.

Ian Mandel is the owner of Awards 4 U at 847 Honeypot Lane and is calling for the barriers to be removed as soon as possible. They were put up at the end of last month.

He commented: “Whoever organised this seriously needs their brains checked. The whole parade has lost an enormous amount of business since the lockdown began . Now the barriers are in place no one is visiting the shops as there is nowhere to park.

“This is sheer lunacy. The barriers are serving no useful purpose. The government’s idea is to get business moving but this is killing business. I do hope that the council come to their senses and remove their barriers otherwise shops are going to go out of business.”

Councillor Marilyn Ashton represents Stanmore Park and is the deputy leader of the Conservative opposition group on Harrow Council.

She said she is furious at the decision.

Cllr Ashton commented: “This is all part of TfL’s anti-car schemes stopping people being able to drive. A lot of roads will be completely closed but it will just send the traffic elsewhere and create numerous jams.

“If they are doing something that is so detrimental, what is the point? I think the council have behaved high-handedly here. There has been no consideration or no meaningful consultation. It will be a low traffic area but there will be the same number of people as the traffic will be driven elsewhere.

“Mr Mandel is right and I support him. Why don’t you just take away the barriers and put it back to normal. You don’t get the footfall and if you can’t park you won’t go there”

A spokesman for Harrow Council said the barriers had been put into protect local residents.

He explained: “With the current pandemic, the safety of public comes first. Barriers have been put there to temporarily widen the footpath so people can social distance safely. This will remain in place until government guidance changes.  We are encouraging people to walk and cycle to local destinations where possible.”

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