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500K VIEWS: Kings Langley couple’s hilarious attempt to record birthday message becomes viral hit 

 Published on: 10th February 2021   |   By: Holly Bullen   |   Category: Uncategorized

A Kings Langley couple have gone viral for their hilarious outtakes whilst trying to film a birthday message for their friend.

Dave and Pauline sat down to record a birthday message for their friend Brian and instead have become celebrities after countless attempts to try and get the birthday message spot on.

The video posted by their son Liam Radmore was shared on Facebook on Wednesday, February 7 and has since received 1,300 views on the social media platform.

However this figure has nothing on the 500,000 views the couple have received on the video posted to TikTok. 

Their son Liam said that the birthday message took around 40 takes and they still didn’t manage to get a video without the couple laughing throughout.

He said: “It took around 40 takes and we still never got one, so we just sent in that video. My dad thought I was deleting the outtakes but I was montaging them together.

“They just couldn’t stop laughing.”

Liam said that both Dave and Pauline are blown away with their newfound status and can’t believe how many people have watched the video.

He said: “They’re happy being celebrities at the minute. Dad can’t fathom that half a million people have watched him and mum is just blown away with the amount people that have watched her and my dad.”

Liam added that he has been contacted by many viewers who have thanked him for sharing a cheerful video needed by many during these times.

The hilarious video which is being called Brian’s failed birthday message has now been uploaded to YouTube and can be watched here.

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