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‘GOLDEN HEART’: Wife’s touching tribute to late husband from Shenley

 Published on: 28th May 2020   |   By: Jake Levison   |   Category: Uncategorized

A gaping hole has been left in the community following the death of local dad, Adam Gawronski – but his kindness, generosity and “golden heart” will never be forgotten.

Adam, 47, who leaves behind his wife, Agata, and their nine and three-year-old daughters, died in Green Street, Shenley on April 20 after the bike he was riding collided with a van.

“He was a golden person, with a golden heart,” Agata said.

“That was the first thing I saw in him. He was naturally just an incredibly good person, and everyone liked him. I think he had a way of making everyone feel very natural around him – he wasn’t judgemental and he took people as they are.

“His manner always surprised people, because he was this big, tall guy – well over six feet – but he was so gentle and kind.”

Adam’s kind nature was put to good use in his final weeks – after his construction company was forced to halt works due to the pandemic, he decided to work at Tesco in Oakwood, North London because he felt it “wasn’t fair to stay at home when he could be helping out.”

Agata, who was married to Adam for 10 years, added: “The store manager was totally shocked by Adam’s work ethic. Not only that, but within a week he’d completely changed the shop in terms of spirit – everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves.”

She added that herself and two daughters have felt incredibly supported by the local community since Adam passed away.

Local residents, alongside Agata and Adam’s friends, chipped in to help fund Adam’s funeral through a fundraising page.

“The community has blown me away – and I’m not just talking financially. So many people ask me how we’re doing and if we need anything. I feel it’s meant to be that we moved to Shenley three years ago – we are in the perfect place and I wake up every morning and thank god we’re here.”

Agata said she’s planning to add this article to a memorabilia box to help her daughters remember Adam.

She added: “He was a very hands-on daddy. He took them to Shenley Park almost every day and just had a natural ability to have fun with them. He was also amazing with me; always supportive and helping me do bits in the house. I honestly can’t remember a day where he was unhappy.”

Adam was also a true motorcycle enthusiast – so much so that the friends he made during his time riding became his “second family”.

Agata credited Adam for his ability to perfectly divide his time between his hobby and being there for his family.

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