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GET VACCINATED: Woman from Pinner encourages vaccination after her healthy twin dies from COVID

 Published on: 2nd September 2021   |   By: Lizzie Ellis   |   Category: Uncategorized

A woman from Pinner whose twin brother died of COVID after believing he didn’t need the vaccine wants to use the tragic event to help others by encouraging everyone to get vaccinated.

In a message on Twitter last month, Jenny Mccan said: “My 42yr old twin brother died in ITU of COVID-19 last week. He died exactly 4 weeks after testing positive. He was the fittest, healthiest person I know. He was climbing Welsh mountains & wild camping 4 weeks before his death.”

“The only pre-existing health condition he had was the belief in his own immortality. He thought if he contracted COVID-19 he would be ok. He thought he would have a mild illness. He didn’t want to put a vaccine on his body.”

“His was pumped full of every drug in the hospital. They threw everything at him. But eventually, the bedfellow of CoVID19, infection & organ failure, claimed his life.”

She added that her 42-year-old brother told his consultant in the hospital that he wished he had listened and got the vaccine when he had the chance.

“This shouldn’t have happened. My Mum wants people to know about John. For his story to save someone’s life. For pain & loss to drive people to get a vaccine.”

The post has been interacted with over 110,000 times, with people from all over the world sending well wishes to the family. 

At the time of writing, over 43 million adults in the UK  have received their second dose of the vaccine. The government is encouraging everyone to get their second dose as soon as possible. 

Harrow Council said: “You wouldn’t walk out with a trainer just on one foot, would you? And when you put on your headphones, you make sure you have one in each ear too.

It’s the same with your vaccine – 2 doses give you more protection against the virus. So have yours at”

Picture credit Jenny Mccan 

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