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FARMING FIGHT: Chorleywood parish councillor resigns over chicken farm row

 Published on: 18th November 2022   |   By: Bryn Holmes   |   Category: Uncategorized

A Chorleywood man whose chicken farm was handed an enforcement notice ordering it to be demolished has vowed to fight the decision.

Owner of the farm, Jack Biel, says he will take the order to appeal, and that the decision has had a negative effect on both his and his family’s lives, even forcing him to resign as a member of Chorleywood Parish Council.

Gracie Fields Farm, located on Latimer Road in Chenies (just over a mile away from Chorleywood), was served with a notice by Buckinghamshire Council on October 19, stating that the erection of two egg production units, silos and several other alterations were in breach of planning control.

The order continued to state that the chicken manure produced by the site could lead to ammonia pollution, which would negatively affect the River Chess, to which it is next door, and a nearby ancient woodland.

Jack however disputes this. Speaking to CHORLEYWOODnews, he said: “would invite anybody making allegations to come and to see us, rather than to comment on things they haven’t seen. Everything is contained within the sheds.

“Most importantly of which, the chicken poo is dried and then is sold, for a very healthy and natural fertiliser, and is of huge value.”

He is also opposed to the council’s outlined belief that the area is a blemish in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

“I think I’ve made this farm more beautiful. The people that have come here have supported that.

“There are 1000 trees planted here. There were weeds and overgrowth when we arrived. We took it right back to soil and we reseeded the whole farm, hence you’ve got beautiful green grass throughout the farm.”

Until recently, Jack was a parish councillor, but following the enforcement notice, he decided to resign to spare his fellow councillors of any political fallout.

Jack explained: “It’s had a huge effect on me. I felt that I didn’t want to compromise any of my colleagues, and therefore I felt it best to resign until this is resolved.

“I feel this could cause embarrassment if this goes higher, and I am still a councillor. It is a storm in a teacup, but it’s a storm in which I, my family and my staff are personally suffering.”

Jack now hopes that his appeal will go through, stating: “I hope and pray that this comes out to be all its meant to be, and that we will get full planning through, and that we can return to our ordinary lives.”

A spokesperson for Buckinghamshire Council said: “On October 9, Buckinghamshire Council issued a Planning Enforcement Notice on land at Longchamps (aka Gracie’s Field), Latimer Road, Chenies, WD3 6EY.

“This notice was issued following a refusal of planning permission and seeks to have removed two egg production units, two feed silos, an area of hardstanding, and the reinstatement of the original access which have all been constructed without planning permission.

“The notice takes effect on December 1 and allows the owner a period of four months for the above items to be removed (unless an appeal is lodged against the notice in the meantime). A copy of the notice can be found on our website.”

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