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ELECTION RESULTS: Who is your next MP?

 Published on: 12th December 2019   |   By: News Desk   |   Category: Uncategorized

The polls have now closed and exit poll figures suggest Boris Johnson’s Conservatives will achieve an 86 seat majority, whereas Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour will have 191 seats, down 71 seats and a major set back for the party.

The Tories need to win around 320 seats to be free to govern, meaning if they gain an extra 20 to what they already had before the election then this call will be classed as a decisive victory for Boris to break the deadlock in Parliament.

However, if Labour achieves a steeper target of 80 extra seats, then Jeremy Corbyn will win a majority.

Follow My Local News’ updates for YOUR local area on this page; that’s Hemel Hempstead, Watford, Hertsmere, St Albans, South West Hertfordshire, Harrow East, Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner, and Chesham & Amersham.


Sir Mike Penning – Hemel Hempstead, Conservative hold
Gagan Mohindra – South West Hertfordshire, Conservative gain
Bob Blackman – Harrow East, Conservative hold
Cheryl Gillan – Chesham & Amersham, Conservative hold
Dean Russell – Watford, Conservative hold
David Simmonds – Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner, Conservative hold
Daisy Cooper – St Albans, Liberal Democrat gain
Oliver Dowden – Hertsmere, Conservative hold


Sir Mike Penning was delighted at securing re-election as the Member of Parliament for Hemel Hempstead in the early hours of this morning.

He said: “I am chuffed to bits with this result. It is a great honour to represent the people of this fantastic constituency and I am delighted to have been re-elected again – especially by such a margin.

“I thank everyone who voted for me and who helped me during this election campaign.

“We can now return to Parliament and put an end to the indecision over Brexit. I will back Boris all the way and we will leave the EU on January 31.

“We can then get on with the things that really matter – negotiating our future relationship with Europe and honouring our election promises on the NHS, police and schools.

“Locally, I will continue to push for the new money promised for West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust to be spent on a new hospital on a new site – not wasted on a revamp of the Watford site.”


The final seat to be announced in your local area is South West Hertfordshire. The Conservative candidate Gagan Mohindra won the seat with more than 30,000 votes.

The results are as follows;

Con – Gagan Mohindra – 30,327 – 49.6 per cent
Ind – David Gauke – 15,919 – 26 per cent
Lab – Ali Aklakul – 7,228 – 11.8 per cent
Lib Dem – Sally Symington – 6,251 – 10.2 per cent
Green – Tom Pashby – 1,466 – 2.4 per cent


As the polls predicted, the Conservatives reach the threshold of 326 seats needed to achieve an overall majority in the House of Commons.


Chairwoman of the Watford Conservative Association, Linda Topping, said she was “delighted” that Dean Russell has become the new MP for Watford.

She said: “Delighted at Dean Russel’s win, we have had four elections in Watford and four wins. Not a bad record. It’s a great majority, we’re thrilled. 1,000 majority would have been enough but 5,000 is a pleasure.

“We have a candidate who has worked 16 hour days during this campaign and it couldn’t have ended better. BRING IT ON.”


The Conservative candidate for Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner, David Simmons, has secured the seat with a majority of more than 16,000 votes.

The result is as follows;

Con – David Simmonds – 29,391 – 55.6 per cent
Lab – Peymana Assad – 12,997 – 24.6 per cent
Lib Dem – Jonathan Banks – 7,986 – 15.1 per cent
Green – Sarah Green – 1,646 – 3.1 per cent


The Liberal Democrat Party has secured the St Albans constituency from the Conservatives with a majority of more than 6,000 votes.

The result is as follows;

Lib Dem – Daisy Cooper – 28,867 – 50.1 per cent
Con – Anne Main – 22,574 – 39.2 per cent
Lab – Rebecca Lury – 5,000 – 8.7 per cent
Green – Simon Grover – 1,004 – 1.7 per cent
ND – Jules Sherrington – 154 – 0.3 per cent


Dame Cheryl Gillan has retained her Chesham & Amersham seat for the Conservative Party by securing a majority of more than 16,000 votes.

The results are as follows;

Con – Cheryl Gillan – 30,850 – 55.4 per cent
Lib Dem – Dan Gallagher – 14,627 – 26.3 per cent
Lab – Matt Turmaine – 7,166 – 12.9 per cent
Green – Alan Booth – 3,042 – 5.5 per cent

3.43am – Conservatives hold Watford seat by a majority of 5,000 seats

Dean Russell has described it as an “incredibly proud moment” for him, his team and his family after being named the MP for an “amazing town”.

Speaking to Watford News reporter, Charlie Reynolds, Dean stated it wasn’t just a win for him, but a win for Watford.

He said: “I want to thank the team, the supporters, my family and Richard Harrington in particular who have done such a fabulous job. It isn’t just a win for me, it’s a win for the party and a win for Watford. I would like to say thank you, a massive massive thank you to everyone who believed in me. This election was about democracy, everyone who I have seen out today, on the doorsteps throughout the campaign have been so amazing, so supportive and I can’t wait to work for this amazing town.

“I will do my hardest to live up to this vote and over the next four to five years to ensure to put people and community over politics.

“I want to work on traffic in the area, I want to meet with the rail franchise and over the course of the next year, I will putting out a number of really important pledges to work on things I am passionate about like mental health, tackling loneliness in the community, reducing the single use plastic in the community and build upon Richard Harrington’s amazing legacy around the jobs fare and take that so we will have a digital hub to inspire everybody in Watford to be the best version of them and that’s what I want to do as an MP here.”


The result is as follows; Conservative candidate for Harrow East, Bob Blackman, has retained his seat in the constituency.

Con – Bob Blackman – 26,935 – 54.4 per cent
Lab – Pamela Fitzpatrick – 18,765 – 37.9 per cent
Lib Dem – Adam Bernard – 3,791 – 7.7 per cent


A gleeful Oliver Dowden was incredibly thankful after he was voted Hertsmere’s MP once more.

After his 62.6 per cent majority was announced, he said: “Thank you to all of those involved in an excellent count.

“We thrived as ever in Hertsmere and we did a fantastic job so well done absolutely everyone who was involved.

“I’d also like to say thank you to the other candidates – it was a good, clean fight and I think everyone did very well.

“I think often, people who stand as candidates get a lot of flack but I know that everyone who puts themselves forward for public office is motivated by doing the right thing for their country.

“And finally, thank you to the people of Hertsmere. You put your faith in me, and I will do my best to repay that faith over the next four or five years.”


Conservative candidate for Watford Dean Russell has secured the Watford constituency for the Conservatives.

The result is as follows;

Con – Dean Russell – 26,421 – 45.5 per cent
Lab – Chris Ostrowski – 21,988 – 37.9 per cent
Lib Dem – Ian Stotesbury – 9,323 – 16.1 per cent
Soc Dem – Michael McGetrick – 333 – 0.6 per cent



My Local News has heard that the Prime Minister Boris Johnson is likely to hold onto his Uxbridge and South Ruislip seat.

Talk from Conservative members at a count in Hertfordshire suggested that Boris’ seat is won.

An official announcement from the constituency is not yet expected until around 4.30am.


Dean Russell, Watford parliamentary candidate for Conservatives has outlined his collaborative approach to bring Watford together as one if he gets elected.

He said “It’s been a positive campaign. It’s been a tough one as it is always a close one but we’re just waiting for the results now. I have loved this campaign, the reception on the doorstep has been wonderful.

“I would like to say thanks to everyone, even the people who didn’t vote for me as they were so welcoming. It has been a delight.

“My approach, should I win, would be to be a collaborative MP who will work with all parties to make Watford the best constituency as possible and bring people together.

“If the majority as seen in the polls comes true then we have a very positive and strong mandate to take Watford and the country through.”

Anticipation is building in Watford as the announcement is expected within the next half hour and is looking like a Tory win.


2.40am – Oliver Dowden CBE holds Hertsmere seat for the Conservatives

And here it is… Hertsmere is blue! In a moment that will have surprised few in the borough, Oliver Dowden MP has retained his seat for the Conservatives.

The Tory party member, who has served the area for the past four years, will be thrilled to retain his role and continue to serve the community.

He boasts an impressive track record for Hertsmere, having helped secure major upgrades to facilities at Elstree & Borehamwood Station, the Oyster extension to Radlett, compensation for everyone hit by rail disruption, a new primary school for Borehamwood and £400million to overhaul Watford General Hospital.

The result is as follows;
Con – Oliver Dowden – 32,651 – 62.6 per cent
Lab – Holly Kal-Weiss – 11,338 – 21.7 per cent
Lib Dem – Stephen Barrett – 6,561 – 12.6 per cent
Green – John Humphries – 1,653 – 3.2 per cent

More to follow…

2.30am – Sir Mike Penning holds Hemel Hempstead seat 

It has been announced that Sir Mike Penning has been re-elected as the Conservative MP for Hemel Hempstead, a seat he has held since 2005.

The result is as follows;

Con – Sir Mike Penning – 28,968 – 56.5 per cent
Lab – Nabila Ahmed – 14,405 – 28.1 per cent
Lib Dem – Sammy Barry – 6,317 – 12.3 per cent
Green – Sherief Hassan – 1,584 – 3.1 per cent


Liberal Democrat’s Parliamentary Candidate councillor Ian Stotesbury said he is proud of his campaign but has accepted he isn’t going to be Watford’s next MP.

He said: “The count isn’t finished but it doesn’t look like I will be Watford’s next MP. It felt really positive at one time but it really changed in the last few weeks.

“I have double my vote in Watford and I’ve stood up for what I believe in. I think we have helped suppress what we are; a conservative majority seat.

“I’m really proud of our campaign. I fought for our town where I get to go serve tomorrow as a councillor.”







Hillingdon Borough Council has confirmed the turnout in Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner was 72.92 per cent

The seat is expected to be a Conservative hold


Harrow Borough Council has confirmed 49,726 verified votes were casted in the Harrow East Ward (covering Stanmore), working out as a 69 per cent turnout.

1.56am – South West Herts Lib Dems delighted with campaign

Sally Symington, Liberal Democrat candidate for South West Herts, said she is delighted with the party’s local campaign.

She said: “We worked hard and engaged with local people. 60 per cent of councillors in the constituency are Liberal so it’s important to be there for those who voted locally.

“Unfortunately, that’s not translated in the national vote and here the waters have been muddied by an independent candidate.”

Sally said she believes the General Election has been presented as Boris Johnson vs Jeremy Corbyn by the media but stressed she would love to represent South West Herts in Westminster.

She said: “I’m a local councillor and I’m passionate about representing people at local level. I’d love to be able to take that national Parliament.”

1.50am – Hertsmere Labour Candidate: exit polls “devastating”

We caught up with Hertsmere’s Labour Candidate, Holly Kal-Weiss as the count went on.

The former schoolteacher said she was “incredibly surprised” by the exit polls carried out earlier, which predicted a huge Conservative majority.

She said: “I’m really surprised by them. If they’re accurate, it’s devastating for labour.

“It’s devastating on so many levels. I’m not surprised in some respects because everyone is only really speaking about Brexit.

“People feel committed to it, and because he (Boris Johnson) keeps saying it’s ‘oven ready’ people think ‘Let’s just get it done.’

“It’s on him (Boris Johnson) now and on the whole Conservative party to get things right and I truly believe it will be a disaster.

“I’m always positive – and there’s always hope. Things have to get bad for people to wake up and I believe this may be that time.”

1.45am – South West Herts Labour candidate feeling good

The Labour candidate in South West Herts says the party have run a positive campaign in the constituency.

Ali Aklakul said he is feeling good as the count gathers pace.

He said: “This election was called at short notice so it was a tough ask to get a candidate together. We wanted to win but I think it will be a big ask.

“We were second last time and I strongly believe we can do that again. Since the constituency was created in 1950, it’s been Tory but anything can happen.

“We have a good team and support here and the only way is up.”


Chiltern District Council has announced the final figures for the number of votes cast in the constituency.

The verification stage is complete, showing a high turnout in Chesham & Amersham of 55,978 – 77.2 per cent.

The count is expected to be announced at around 3am


In St Albans, exit polls suggest the Liberal Democrats have a 59 per cent chance of gaining the seat and The Conservatives have a 41 per cent chance of holding the seat.

A 78.36 per cent turnout for the constituency is one of the highest of the night so far.


Conservative candidate for Hemel Hempstead Sir Mile Penning says it’s a “great result” for the Tories nationally.


Our reporter Jake Levison is in Hertsmere for the election count.

Allum Hall in Borehamwood has plenty of buzz about it tonight – you would hardly know that’s it’s past 1am.

The count is now well underway and we’re hearing that Hertsmere had a respectable turnout of 70.94 per cent – the highest turnout we’ve seen so far.

More to follow.

12.32am – SW Herts Green candidate shocked at exit poll

Tom Pashby, Green Party candidate in South West Herts, says they are shocked at the exit poll which predicts the Tories will emerge victorious with a majority of 86.

Standing in their second Parliamentary election, Tom said: “It’s a far bigger majority than I hoped for.”

Environmental issues have been at the focus of the Green campaign.

Tom said: “We’ve raised climate change to the top of the agenda and there have been questions on it at two hustings. The radical Green voice on democratic reform and climate change has been strong which it wouldn’t have been if I wasn’t standing.”


Our reporter Charlie Reynolds is in Watford where the question on everyone’s lips is how big of an impact will Richard Harrington not standing for the Tories have on the vote?

It was right to the wire in the last General Election for this seat with the Tories beating Labour by a few thousand votes.

However, the overall feeling is that Conservatives are expected to retain the seat which will see Dean Russell become the new MP for Watford.

Updates to follow as they come.


Our reporters in Rickmansworth, Tim Green and Amelie Gregory report that the Tories are expected to hold South West Hertfordshire.

My Local News understands Gagan Mohindra is favourite to hold the seat for the Tories but David Gauke who is standing as an Independent candidate after having the Conservative Whip withdrawn is likely to finish in second place.

Mr Gauke is due to arrive shortly.


Conservatives gain the Blyth Valley seat from Labour by 712 votes. Ian Levy is now the MP and first Tory candidate to win a seat.

The constituency has never before been Conservative in its 69-year history.


First Parliamentary seats have been confirmed! Newcastle South has been held by Labour candidate Chi Onwurahand (21,586) and Houghton & Sunderland seat was held by Labour’s Bridget Phillipson (16,210).


Exit poll figures suggest a Conservative majority of 368 seats to 191 to Jeremy Corbyn, an overall majority of 86 seats

The Lib Dems 13, the SNP 55 and the Brexit Party none.

The exit poll was conducted by Ipsos Mori at 144 polling stations, with 22,790 interviews.

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