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DUMPED: Abandoned foals given new home 

 Published on: 27th August 2019   |   By: News Desk   |   Category: Uncategorized

Two foals that were left dumped in a Chalfonts field are now recovering in a new home after a rescue charity reached out.

On the evening of August 15 at around 7.45pm, a neighbour heard a commotion outside and upon investigation found two foals dumped in the field by their house. 

The owner of the field told ChalfontsNews: “These foals were beautiful, but they were in such a terrible state of upset and distress, there wasn’t a lot we could do except make sure they had space and water. 

“They had been put through a barbed wire enclosure and one of them was injured from this and they were still trying to suckle off each other, so this made it clear they must had just been taken from their mother.

“Luckily, we had a 36-year-old mare and the foals gravitated towards her and she looked after and kept an eye of them that night until we decided what to do. 

“We got posts put up on Facebook to try and track down to see if anyone had their foals stolen but no luck.” 

“I was walking around thinking, ‘what am I going to do’, I’ve been in the rescue business before, I know how expensive they are to keep and look after.”

However, no less than 24 hours after the foals were dumped, a rescue charity had contacted the field owner and were able to offer a home to the foals. 

A spokesperson from the rescue charity said: “A lot of horse rescue charities have a heavy burden of foals being dumped around this time of year. If they don’t make the grade or there’s too much breeding stock, people have a tendency to dump them. 

 “When Rufus and Oscar first came here, they were so quiet and shut down because of how traumatized they were”

“However, they are both doing really well, they are eating like little hoovers and their characters are starting to come through.” 

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