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CONTROVERSY: Calls for proposed new Hertsmere mayor to stand aside after ‘homophobic’ comments

 Published on: 17th November 2020   |   By: Geraint Roberts   |   Category: Uncategorized

Hertsmere Labour Borough councillors have asked councillor Alan Plancey to rethink his position as mayor following revelations relating to his views on the LGBTQ+ community.

His alleged homophobic views appear in a video called ‘Loud, Proud & Jewish’ made by Hot Salt Beef and Mustard where he says, “even in the animal kingdom it’s male and female.” 

According to the Labour councillors, he also says that there would be more acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community if they were quiet about it: “Whether it a Jew or a human being I think the demonstrations that are coming out today for the acceptance of minority rule is completely wrong, you get more acceptance and more love if you did it quietly and would be much more accepted in society.” 

Hertsmere Labour members have written a letter to cllr Plancey. A part of the letter reads: “Out of respect for the Office of Mayor, our group do not want to raise this while you are in post as we would not want to bring the council into disrepute.

“We would ask, that on the verge of being elected to this role once again, to consider and clarify your position and explain how you can be a mayor for all of Hertsmere, including our LGBTQ+ community.”

Deputy group leader, councillor Christian Gray, said: “The views expressed in this video are completely at odds with the important office of First Citizen of Hertsmere. 12 per cent of Hertsmere’s population are LGBTQ+. 

“That is 12 per cent of Hertsmere’s residents who are likely to be distressed, hurt and feel unrepresented.”

Labour members in the borough are also saying that cllr Plancey suggests that being LGBTQ+ is a ‘lifestyle’ choice, which is refuted by many religious leaders including growing numbers of Orthodox Rabbis.

Labour councillor Chris Myers added: “We fully accept his right to express his own religious views, but we actively fight to ensure that people of all faiths can freely express their beliefs. However, the interview goes much further. It does not walk the fine line. It crosses it and explicitly enters the territory of homophobic statements.”

Cllr Alan Plancey was last year’s mayor and with the recent death of this year’s mayor, Councillor Cynthia Barker, is expected to be appointed at tomorrow’s full council meeting.

Hertsmere Conservatives have been contacted for a comment.

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