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Company sets out to solve air pollution crisis

 Published on: 10th April 2019   |   By: Jake Levison   |   Category: Uncategorized

A Pinner-based company has created a new, one-of-a-kind device to tackle air pollution head on.

CareGREEN, located on 35 Lulworth Drive, Pinner, has designed a prototype product that captures pollutants from the air and converts them into reusable substances.

The proposed units can be powered using existing street apparatus, such as lampposts, which would save millions in installation costs. 

In a YouTube video, the 17-year-old innovation company outlines how its new creation, officially called Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology, can have an impact on pollution.

The street filter is essentially a vacuum pump machine, fitted with carbon and nitrogen filters.

Polluted air is sucked in from the sides of the device, processed, and then clean air is pumped back out from the top.

The filters need minimal maintenance and only require the captured particles to be removed.

The carbon and nitrogen caught can be resold for other uses, such as manufacturing steel and can be used in fertilisers.

The solar products company, which is in its third year of developing the product, says it is almost ready.

Huzeifa Anjary, director of CareGREEN, said: “In 2016 we began our first major project: the complete research and development of the world’s first outdoor air purification system.  The investment needed was not small but soon foreign businesses who we had previous dealing with, saw the potential and offered investment.”

“We have introduced our concept and idea to the Mayor’s office, however it appeared to them we were not ready yet for them to consider. This is despite telling them that initial reports from the individual filters had resulted in over 90 per cent efficiency in clearing pollutants.”

“The UK government has made an agenda of air pollution which is quite rightly so, since many deaths and illnesses have their roots buried somewhere in the air we breathe. They need a working prototype before they could consider.”

The product is expected to be ready sometime this year.

To read more about CareGREEN 

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