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Commuters furious after carriage blunder leaves Kings Langley and Apsley platforms full

 Published on: 29th May 2019   |   By: Tim Green   |   Category: Uncategorized

Kings Langley and Apsley commuters have been left furious as the ‘busiest morning’ train into London has been reduced from 12 carriages to eight causing chaos on platforms. 

Since the new London Northwestern Railways (LNWR) timetable, morning commuters have had to deal with delayed, overcrowded and cancelled trains which has been described as “senseless” by some.

Jonathan Goodman, who regularly commutes from Kings Langley Station, has said it is “scandalous as it has mucked up a lot of people’s daily work routines.”

He said: “I can’t really work out why they have decided to change the trains around. It was bad enough before, but now it is just laughable.

“In one week my Monday morning commute into London was delayed because of overcrowding, the Tuesday train was cancelled and then on the Wednesday, two trains didn’t stop because no one could fit on. It just isn’t good enough, we pay a fortune and this is the service they give us.”

Despite numerous complaints to the LNWR and Hemel Hempstead MP, Sir Mike Penning, Jonathan explained how there still hasn’t been no change which is becoming dangerous. 

He added: “It is becoming unsafe. A third of people are cramming themselves on to every carriage possible with the rest being left on the platform. Sometimes it is so hot I wouldn’t be surprised if people have passed out.”

Toby Henderson, who commutes from Kings Langley has labelled the railway service a “disgrace” and has called for the old timetable to be brought back. 

He said: “The new timetable is a total disgrace, once again we’re unable to board the train we need to get to work in time. You need to reinstate the eight carriage 8:03am service from Kings Langley.”

Hayley Leong from Kings Langley says she can no longer get on the train because of the overcrowded carriages. 

She said: “It is simply too crowded. I cannot get the earlier train as I have to drop my children off at the nursery and the later one doesn’t get me, or really anyone into London for 9am, so it’s having a massive impact. I am lucky that my work are understanding but I can imagine that others aren’t.”

An Apsley man who gets the early morning train into Euston every morning is confused at how the operators couldn’t expect the overcrowding.

Speaking to MyKingsNews, he said: “They use all these slogans saying how they are improving the service, providing more carriages and trains during peak times, but they’re not on our route.

“Taking four coaches from a train that needs it and giving it to a train that doesn’t need it is senseless. They’ll say they’re trying to encourage people into the 8.14 but why? It’s not going to work.

“Every morning the train is delayed because of overcrowding – by chopping a third off the busiest train, there’s no wonder why.”

Another Apsley commuter, Michelle Chury believes the railway operators don’t think about the stress the train delays put people under.

“Do they not realise the pressure and stress this adds to people who have to be at work in time?” said Michelle, “Some people will lose their jobs as a result of this. Not everyone can just rock up to an office between certain hours.”

Villagers have taken to social media site, Twitter to express their anger about the “bizarre” decision to change the timetable.

Alex Luckett compared the overcrowded trains to a farmer ramming in cattle. 

He tweeted: “Your busiest morning service from Apsley has been cut from 12 coaches to 8. People were rammed in like cattle before, I’d hate to imagine what it was like this morning. I got the quieter service this morning (08:13), which you have bizarrely increased from 8 to 12… It’s empty.”

After a number of commuters had taken it further to Mike Penning MP, he took it further and contacted the managing director of LNWR.

In the letter, he mentioned how the reduction of carriages and the follow on affects will cause a “major disruption” on people’s commute but also on their personal lives. 

He said: “I hope you can appreciate that by providing a service which has four fewer carriages will mean that a lot of people will be prevented from board the carriage, due to lack of space, which in effect is likely to cause major disruption to their work and personal life.”

Mike Penning MP requested that LNW supply a satisfactory response to the complaints raised by himself and his constituents. 

In response, LNW revealed through their Twitter that they are working on plans to add carriages to the 8.00 and 8.03am trains.

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