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BRING BACK: Wheelchair user from Garston falls into road after dropped kerb is removed 

 Published on: 1st April 2021   |   By: Amneet Kaur   |   Category: Uncategorized

Councillors are asking Hertfordshire County Council to reinstate a dropped kerb in Garston after a wheelchair user fell into the road.

For the last six months residents and councillors have been requesting the kerb – used by those with accessibility impairments to get to local shops – to be brought back.

When Watford Community Housing were building their development at The Brow they changed the layout to the side of the development adjacent to Newhouse Crescent, and removed the dropped kerb used particularly by those with accessibility issues and parents with pushchairs, when going to local shops.

In March a local resident returning from the shops in a wheelchair had a bad accident when crossing the road at this location, falling face first into the road, and subsequently required medical assistance.

Garston county councillor Tim Williams said: “whilst I know that both Watford Community Housing, and Herts County Council, are working on this matter unfortunately I see no real urgency from either to get this matter addressed.

“Little to no thought has gone towards those that require dropped kerbs.”

Local Campaigner Anne Saffery said: “it’s absolutely dreadful to hear of this accident, and I hope the resident is now recovering. 

“We are pushing Watford Community Housing to work with Herts County Council to get this dropped kerb reinstated, as we don’t want the local shops to be inaccessible to local residents that require to use dropped kerbs.”

A spokesperson from Hertfordshire county Council said: “Watford Community Housing Trust (WHCT) are responsible for making any changes on this development, and we are working with them to make sure that this is sorted out as soon as possible.

“It’s important that this is done, and done quickly, so we are looking at what our next steps would be if WHCT don’t act soon.”

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