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Advice to shoppers following thefts in Watford Town Centre

 Published on: 20th October 2017   |   By: The Newsdesk   |   Category:

Police are warning shoppers to be on their guard following a series of thefts in Watford Town Centre. Two incidents were reported to police yesterday where people were approached by a man in a restaurant, who placed birthday cards over phones on top of the victims’ table and then removed the cards along with the victims’ phone. One incident occurred in Bills restaurant at 1pm when an iPhone 6 was stolen and a second took place in Zizzi restaurant at around 5pm when another iPhone 6 was stolen. Town Centre Neighbourhood Sergeant, Simon Mason said: “Whilst we are carrying out both high visibility and covert patrols in the town centre to tackle this type of crime and determine who is responsible, it is important that people are aware so they can protect their belongings. “If you are in a restaurant, café or busy area, always keep your mobile phone, purses and wallets in a secure place, such as a zipped bag or inside pocket. Never leave them on the table. “We have also had incidents where purses have been stolen from handbags which are on the backs of buggies or left on the back of chairs. Please do not place your handbag out of sight.  It takes mere moments for someone to take your purse without you noticing. “It’s very easy to be distracted whilst Christmas shopping however, please be vigilant when out in the town, be aware of who is around you and call police immediately if you witness any suspicious behaviour.” Shoppers should also adopt the following crime prevention advice: Think about putting your purse in a front pocket rather than in an open bag. Use a handbag that can be closed properly so that it is more difficult for someone to open it and reach in. Keep your handbag in front of you so you can see it at all times. If you do keep your purse in a shopping bag, put your purse at the bottom and not near the top and use a shopping bag that can be closed. Don’t keep pin numbers for you cards in your purse or wallet. Be as secure with your mobile phone as you would your purse or wallet and ensure it is put away safely if you use it in the street. Be aware of the people immediately around you. Picture courtesy of Hoss Photography  

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