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‘ABSOLUTE MAYHEM’: Former Tory MP slams ‘Brexit chaos’ in St Albans

 Published on: 17th October 2019   |   By: News Desk   |   Category: Uncategorized

Former Tory MP, Dominic Grieve MP spoke at an open meeting in St Albans earlier this month (October 10) on the “absolute mayhem” of Boris Johnson’s government, the repercussion of a No Deal Brexit and the fast-growing campaign for a People’s Vote on any deal.

Over 200 people attended the talk and Q&A session, organised by local cross-party, pro-European campaign group St Albans for Europe.

Speaking at the open meeting, Mr Grieve said: “The right exists in every democracy for people to say they have changed their mind and they want to do something different.

“The idea that the EU is some unique monster that is gobbling us up could not be further removed from reality. It is not a superpower, it is an international treaty organisation that we signed up to.

“Many people believed it was the patriotic thing to do to go and vote Leave in 2016. Of course, the 2016 campaign was, bluntly, stinking on both sides. The Remain campaign was not good, and it didn’t look at the bigger picture, it just looked at the rather narrow economic issues.

“The public voted for an abstract idea, helped by the extraordinary mendacity of the Leave campaign painting the idea that, the moment we left, some sort of cornucopia of money would fall down upon us.

“In truth, nobody knew how to carry out Brexit. I keep receiving emails asking me, ‘Mr Grieve, where is your Dunkirk spirit’. Well, Dunkirk was a disaster.”

Mr Grieve believes “Brexit chaos” is highly likely to lead to either a general election or another referendum, and how a general election will not resolve Brexit. A second referendum appeared the only way forward for the country to solve the problem it faces.

Fiona McAndrew, chair of St Albans for Europe, a branch of the European Movement UK, said: “St Albans for Europe was delighted to host Dominic Grieve, one of the most important and knowledgeable politicians of our time.

“He is in high demand as a source of calm, measured and informed wisdom on Brexit and what is happening in Westminster. The evening was very well attended, attracting a range of people from different political persuasions and generations, and including groups of sixth formers from St Albans and the surrounding area.

“St Albans for Europe will join thousands of protesters on Saturday, October 19, marching in Central London in support of the campaign for a new referendum on any deal.

“The group will meet at St Albans City Station at 10am, and we encourage all in favour of a People’s Vote to come and join us, bring their banners and flags, children and families and friends and demand their voices are heard.”

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