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20’S PLENTY: St Albans campaign group pushes forward with action to introduce 20mph speed limit

 Published on: 5th November 2020   |   By: Holly Bullen   |   Category: Uncategorized

A St Albans campaign group who are seeking to introduce a 20mph limit in the city, have taken a step forward after a successful petition to Hertfordshire County Council.

The group which is included under the umbrella of the national 20s Plenty campaign are due to speak at a Highways cabinet meeting on November 19 after receiving the required 250 signatures in just two days.

Colin Hodges, a campaigner for the group in St Albans said that the amount of traffic spoils the city and creates a danger to residents.

He said: “St Albans is a great city, but it is now like many cities blighted in my opinion by too many motor cars and lorries coming through the town, often at excessive speeds.

“It forces would be cyclists and pedestrians to get in their car and drive.”

Colin added that although hundreds of 20mph restrictions have been introduced across the country, there is yet to be one introduced in Hertfordshire.

He said: “Here in Hertfordshire we don’t have any and the reason for that is because of the way speed limits are set by the Highways Department in Hertfordshire.

“For any request for speed limits to be changed, it is considered necessary to look at the existing speed of traffic.

“Whereas we think if a community wants to go 20, they should have the right to go 20 and it shouldn’t be based on existing car speeds.”

Colin added that they were blown away with how quickly they received the required 250 signatures and that it highlights that there is clearly a demand.

He said: “There really is a wide level of demand for making these changes. We did think it was quite ambitious to generate 250 names in two weeks but ended up generating them in two days.”

View the petition by clicking here.

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