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WRONGLY CHARGED: Man incorrectly hit with lawyers in four-month Blue Badge parking row

 Published on: 10th February 2022   |   By: Bryn Holmes   |   Category: Uncategorized

A man has been stuck in a six-month legal battle with a parking company who wrongly charged him with fines for parking in Blue Badge spots at West Ruislip station.

Alan Langsford, a resident of Hemel Hempstead, has now expressed concern that other people have had similar experiences.

It started in August last year when Alan twice parked in the bays at West Ruislip station, correctly displaying his Blue Badge that allows him to park without having to pay, as per the displays placed around the facility.

However, he was surprised when a month later, he received two parking charge notices from car park operator APCOA. Emailing the business, he was told they could not help, and soon he was even more surprised when he received a letter from debt collectors informing of his £155 charge.

With APCOA seemingly refusing to correspond with him, he contacted the station’s operating company Chiltern Railways, as well as the debt collecting company.

Eventually, in December, Chiltern Railways confirmed that the charges had been cancelled, with further confirmation from the debt collectors.

Sadly, this was not the end of this for Alan. Despite thinking the matter resolved, he was shocked to receive a letter from solicitors in January this year, stating they were acting on behalf of the debt collection company, themselves acting on behalf of APCOA.

They too were still demanding the payment of his supposed debt. Following another email to Chiltern Railways, it has now properly been confirmed by them that the payment notices have been cancelled.

In all this time, Alan never once received any correspondence from APCOA aside from the initial payment charges and the following refusal to help.

He believes he was a victim of a faulty computer/camera error and is now concerned other Blue Badge holders who parked in the station may have also been victims of fault equipment.

A spokesperson for APCOA said: “We have been in touch with the person concerned and apologised for the time taken to resolve this case. At West Ruislip station car park, the signage advises that Blue Badge permit holders need to register their vehicle details with the station staff. 

“If that process is not followed, penalty charge notices (PCN’s) may be issued. We encourage anyone who believes they have been unfairly issued with a PCN to submit an appeal.”

Chiltern Railways have also been contacted for comment.

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