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Is the mighty US faltering?

 Published on: 7th October 2013   |   By: Nik Allen

US-Flag1There was a time when America was the richest, most powerful and seemingly unbeatable nation on earth.

But it’s hard not to think the once mighty US might be faltering.

Last Tuesday, US politics reached a new low when all non-essential government operations were shut because of budgetary wrangling.

Large numbers of government staff were sent home, and national icons such as the Smithsonian Institute and Yosemite National Park were closed to the public.

The situation arose because the Republicans in Congress refused to agree the Obama Government’s budget.

Whether you agree with their economic stance (they say they don’t want the US’s borrowing limit to be increased from an already eye-watering $16.7 trillion) the fact is the shutdown should never have been allowed to happen.

Politicians from all walks should have got together and reached some sort of compromise. After all, they were elected to represent the best interests of the US.

A week later the shutdown continues – and the number of people affected continues to grow. Several companies with government contracts, such as Lockheed, have put thousands of employees on unpaid leave.

So hard-working taxpaying citizens are being penalised by the people they elected to represent them.

Not only does this affect the US – the shutdown has broader implications. The US economy is the largest on earth. Anything which harms it, will have an impact on the rest of the world.

I love America, the enthusiasm of its people and their get up and go attitude. But it seems now as though political factions have lost their grip, and would rather score points on their opponents than actually help the country. Let’s hope common sense prevails sooner rather than later.



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