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Happiness is a thing called Great Customer Service

 Published on: 26th July 2016   |   By: Nik Allen

Regular readers of the blog will know one thing gets my back up more than Everton losing to Liverpool is shoddy customer service.

I’m not shy when it comes to moaning about the low level of service in some businesses I come across.

Usually its pubs and restaurants that appear to have the worst customer care.

But recently I had a super experience in a restaurant in The Shard, central London.

The staff couldn’t have done enough to make us welcome, feel looked after and most importantly valued.

Now I mentioned it to a friend and his response was ‘well you’d expect that level of service from somewhere like that.”

I had to disagree with him to a point. I’ve been to fancier and pricier places over the years and felt the care side let the cuisine part of the experience down.

I’m sure we all have examples of good service and people doing that bit extra to make the customer a happy shopper.

I countered my friend’s comment by pointing out the service we received when we popped into Starbucks in Chiswell Green was superb. They even came to our table to take our order and then checked the drinks were to our satisfaction. It took them seconds but the good will generated lasts a heck of a lot longer.

At My News we’re not perfect but we are fair and we do strive to keep customers as happy as possible.

We’ve got the affable Jason Goodliffe as our Client Happiness chief! Jason is in charge of making sure people are happy with the service they get from us and that they realise we value their business and want them to do well.

Jason Goodliffe black

Our Client Happiness Chief – The always cheerful Jason Godliffe

Whenever we make a mistake the first thought on our mind is to rectify it and look after the customer.

In any business which has a high volume of clients errors will happen but it’s how you handle them that the customer really notices and if done well will appreciate.

On a side note I think that Big Sam Allardyce could prove to be just the ticket for the English football team.

He’s got a huge ego, is more forward thinking than people give him credit for and has done well with players who haven’t realised their potential – which is something that EVERY player that went to the miserable Euro 2016 (apart from Marcus Rashford) could be classed as.

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PS: Let me know your stories of super customer service by emailing me at


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