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New poll reveals Watford would now vote Remain in referendum

 Published on: 15th August 2018   |   By: Jason Allen   |   Category: Uncategorized

New data released has revealed that if the Brexit Referendum happened today, the Watford vote would change from Leave to Remain. According to a new poll, Remain would win with 55 percent of the vote.

The campaign group Best for Britain announced that Watford was among 112 constituencies that since the 2016 vote have changed their opinions; the UK consists of 650 constituencies. The research also showed that the national vote would change too with Remain winning with 53 percent of the vote.

Some believe it is because the departure from the EU has been a much bumpier road than initially thought.

Cllr Ian Stotesbury, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Watford and Callowland councillor said, “This data simply backs up what I have been hearing on the doorstep across the town. People are worried about the direction that Brexit is heading in, in particular the fear that we may crash out of Europe Union without a deal at all.”

Stotesebury has called for a People’s Vote on the deal and believes politicians should not be given the responsibility of Brexit as it is too important a decision. He said “I am calling for a People’s Vote on the deal that finally gets presented to the public, and if we are not happy, there should be an option to remain in the EU.

“The promise of easy trade deals and more money for the NHS is in tatters and a ‘jobs first Brexit’ is clearly meaningless spin – we need hard facts or Brexit will continue to be divisive, heated and unresolved.”

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