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MUM MURDERED: Teenage son pleads guilty to stabbing his mother 29 times at home in Watford last year

 Published on: 6th November 2020   |   By: Holly Bullen   |   Category: Uncategorized

A teenage son murdered his mother when she came home from work by stabbing her 29 times.

On the day of the killing 17-year-old Marcin Jakubowski had searched the question on the internet: “How to hold a knife properly in combat?”

That afternoon when she arrived at the family home in Watford from her cleaning job, the son she adored carried out what a judge said today was a “ferocious attack” with a large kitchen knife.

Passing sentence on the teenager this afternoon (Friday, November 6) at St Albans Crown Court Judge Michael Kay, QC told Jakubowski who is now 18 years old: “Before your mother died she must have suffered terrible mental anguish that she was being attacked by the son she loved and who she believed loved her.”

The teenager appeared in court today to plead guilty to the murder of his mother, Djolanda Jakubowski, 50, at the family home in Clarke Way, Watford on the afternoon of December 16 last year.

With the boy in the dock next to a Polish interpreter, the court heard how he lived at the family home with his mother, father and a brother.

Prosecutor, James Lofthouse said while the teenager had come to dislike his brother and his father who was threatening to throw his son out of the house unless he got a job, he was very close to his mother.

The court heard on the morning of December 16 last year the defendant’s father and brother left for work as usual.

The mother left shortly afterwards for her cleaning job at a nearby hotel.

That day the boy had a job interview at a restaurant in Watford, but he was unsuccessful.

Jakubowski returned home and when his mother finished her cleaning shift at 1.30pm that day she walked back to the house.

Mr Lofthouse said at about 4.50pm a neighbour heard a brief scream from a woman and what was thought to be the sound of chairs scraping on a floor.

Shortly afterwards the teenager made a 999 call, telling the operator: “I need help, my mum just killed herself in our house.”

Over the phone the boy gave an account that she had called him downstairs and had started to stab herself and he had been unstable to stop her.

When paramedics arrived Jakubowski answered the door covered in blood and behaving erratically.

The court was told the mother had been stabbed 29 times about her face, head, chest, neck, abdomen and back.

It was soon established that the position of some of the wounds meant they would have been impossible for her to have inflicted them on herself.

The teenager was arrested and when his tablet was analysed his internet search history made for shocking reading.

Mr Lofthouse said in the weeks leading up to the killing, the teenager had put in search terms such as “Can you buy a gun in the U.K.” “What could kill you instantly” “Deadly medical pills and can you buy cyanide” “Easy ways to kill someone” “Easy ways to murder someone” “How long will you get for three murders” “I hate my family” “I want to kill my family”

Passing sentence Judge Kay told Jakubowski: “Every murder has one or more elements which are shocking, but few are inexplicable.”

He said this murder was not only “extremely shocking” but despite the efforts of a psychiatrist to explore the motive, it remained unexplainable.

The judge said the search terms uncovered by the police were telling: “It is clear you were considering and planning the murder for some time. You were exploring different ways of committing murder and what the sentence might be. far from being a fantasy this was a shocking reality.”

He ordered that the teenager should be “detained at her majesty’s pleasure” for a minimum term of 13 years and 223 days before the parole board can decide whether it’s safe for him to be released.

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