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LOCKDOWN PREGNANCY: Chorleywood mums share their experience 

 Published on: 22nd June 2020   |   By: Amneet Kaur   |   Category: Uncategorized

A first-time mum from Chorleywood has spoken of her experience and anxieties in giving birth during the coronavirus lockdown.

Becoming a new mum can be challenging for most people, but it’s even more difficult when you have to adapt to the new role during lockdown.

Vivian Lantree has opened up about the unprecedented problems she had leading up to the birth of her first child in April.

She said: “They had some concerns over the size of the baby and my husband Tom couldn’t come with me to the scans or discussions on the birth and that was quite hard.

“I was nervous because it was my first time, I wasn’t sure if I was asking the right things or what to expect, it was quite a hard time for me. 

“There was a time I came away from the hospital a bit confused on something, I was quite upset, a few scary things about what could happen were discussed, I mean the causes of risks of any birth.

“I was quite shocked that they would deliver some delicate information when I was on my own, so when I went for a second opinion my husband suggested to dial him in on speaker phone and that really helped  because it’s quite a good work around.”

Vivian also mentioned that Tom was allowed in when she gave birth but he had to leave straight after. 

She added: “He found that night very emotional, having to leave us, whilst we could call and chat it’s not the same, you can’t touch people, cuddle them and help as well.

“If I compare it to my sister, she’s got two little ones and for both births my mom was able to be there, hold the baby, help her get the feeding going. There’s a bonding aspect that I was looking forward of having with my mom but couldn’t so that was quite sad.”

Paola Fagel, another soon to be mum from Chorleywood, shared her experience. She said: “Pregnancy during pandemic has been tough, the emotional rollercoaster and uncertainty around new guidelines, timelines and restrictions and lack of usual routine, anxiety, financial worry and social distancing is affecting everyone differently. 

“Thankfully with time also only until very recently hospitals are starting to be more flexible in terms of birth plans but my anxiety is definitely higher compared to being in a non pandemic situation.”

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