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HUNDREDS OF OPINIONS: Poll reveals what residents would like to change about Stanmore

 Published on: 9th February 2022   |   By: Jake Levison   |   Category: Uncategorized

Stanmore residents have had their say on the one thing they would most like to change about the town – and their responses may surprise you.

Illana Metzger, admin of The Stanmore Group on Facebook, asked residents: “If you had the power to improve one thing in our area, what would it be?”

A total of 513 residents participated in the poll, in which there were 15 answers to choose from.

Residents’ most selected choice was “restrictions on building large new developments,” with 175 votes. 

This has been a contentious topic in Stanmore for a number of years now, with the potential development of Stanmore Station car park continuing to loom over residents.

That option won by a landslide – the second highest voted answer was “less crime, drugs and gangs – better policing,” which 84 residents selected.

More “great shops,” “a lift at Stanmore Station” and “less traffic” were the other runners-up with 60, 35 and 33 votes respectively.

Illana told StanmoreNews: “I thought the results were really interesting and the options clearly engaged people. 

“It was perhaps a little surprising that more people were concerned about development restrictions than the issues which came below it, but I think that’s perhaps because a lot of the other options go hand-in-hand with developments.

“For example, things like crime and traffic can naturally increase with a larger local population, which inevitably comes with large new developments.

“Developments here are getting far worse – there’s a lack of thought from planners when it comes to infrastructure, because of the enormous pressure to build due to lack of housing stock in London. 

“It’s turning what should be a little village into an overcrowded town.” 

Picture credit HOSS Photography

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