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HELPING HAND: Knitting sisters keep Amersham piglets warm during farm’s winter chill

 Published on: 10th January 2022   |   By: News Bulletin   |   Category: Uncategorized

Tiny piglets wrapped in blankets are staying warm owing to the generosity of Amersham residents who live near the farm that has been impacted by the extreme winter weather.

The Piglets are now snug and warm, thanks to the efforts of local sisters Judy Pearce, 58, and Debbie DeGroeve, 55, who dug out their knitting needles and wool to help ward off the chill.

The piglets were born later last year at Kew Little Pigs in Amersham, and with the arrival of Storm Barra, the brave pigs had a chilly adventure.

The new borns have appreciated being snug and warm, due to the generosity of the sisters over Christmas, according to farm staff, and farm manager Kate Skinner, 28, has been tucking the fortunate porkers into their woolly wrapping.

Knitter Judy, who lives in nearby Aylesbury, Bucks, said: “When we heard about the new piglets, we wanted to make sure they didn’t get cold, and really enjoyed making the knitted blankets. 

“It’s a far kinder version of pigs in blankets for Christmas than the sausage and bacon version, and they look super cute all wrapped up.” 

The eight-week-old piglets, called Cratchit, Tim, Scrooge, and Marley after the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, were born in the middle of a cold spell, but they are flourishing under the careful attention of their mother Daisy.

After resident stud boar Blanket climbed over a fence and discreetly impregnated Daisy, the late deliveries came as a bit of a shock to the farm.

Oliva Mikhail, who runs Kew Little Pigs, said: “The piglets are very hardy, but we were blown away by the kindness of Judy and Debbie, and can’t thank them enough for the gorgeous blankets. 

“It is very cold at the moment, but all the pigs and piglets are doing well.” 

The farm attraction breeds micro pigs, who will go to live in people’s homes as pets, so there is no fear that these pampered piglets will end up on the dinner plate.

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