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GET VOTING: Your St Albans MP candidates share their views

 Published on: 30th June 2024   |   By: Panayiota Demosthenous   |   Category: Uncategorized

Daisy Cooper – Liberal Democrats

This month, STALBANSnews spoke with Daisy Cooper from the Lib Dems ahead of the General Election on Thursday, July 4.

Daisy Cooper has been the MP for St Albans since she was elected in 2019.

She said: “It’s been such a privilege to be your MP. From my surgeries to school visits, I’ve met some remarkable people. I’ve responded to more than 35,000 queries and shown St Albans the difference a hard-working Liberal Democrat MP can make.

“St Albans is my home. I live here. I shop here. I socialise here and have commuted to work in Parliament from here.”

Daisy says that she has represented St Albans’ issues on the national stage, from health services and high streets, to cladding and the cost of living.

She continued: “If you re-elect me, I will continue to stand up for our NHS and schools, take bold action on the cost of living, and protect our environment. Here in the St Albans constituency, only the Liberal Democrats can beat the Conservatives.”


James Spencer – Conservatives

Ahead of the upcoming General Election on Thursday, July 4, STALBANSnews has spoken to Conservative candidate James Spencer.

James was born in Colney Heath and explained that the first political office he held was as a Sandridge parish councillor representing Marshalswick.

He said: “St Albans has given me so much, and now I want to return the favour and use my skills and experiences to revitalise our city centre, protect our green belt, and provide proper scrutiny of the Lib Dem-dominated City & District Council.

“I cut my political teeth in London (where I work in the charity sector), having served on Westminster City Council as cabinet member for city management and prior to that, chairing planning committees.

“I know the ins and outs of how a city should be run efficiently and how the planning system should work to reflect the views and concerns of residents – this is not happening in St Albans currently.”

James is also a proud member of the LGBT+ Conservatives group and has been married to his husband for four years.


Sophia Adams Bhatti – Labour

Also running for MP is Labour candidate Sophia Adams Bhatti, who admits she is not a “career politician”, but is standing for MP as the “country faces some of the biggest challenges in a generation”.

In a post on her website, Sophia said: “Fourteen years of Tory incompetence has to come to an end. Public services on their knees. The economy floundering. Less opportunity, not more. A weakened Britain on the global stage.

“A country in a worse state than when the Tories, in coalition with the Lib Dems, came into power in 2010. Only Labour is capable of forming a government capable of rebuilding and renewing our nation.”

Sophia stood for the Bishop’s Stortford All Saints Ward in the East Hertfordshire local election in May 2023, but lost out to Lib Dem candidates councillor Martin Paul Adams and councillor Chris Wilson.


Simon Grover – Green Party

STALBANSnews spoke with councillor Simon Grover from the Green Party.

Cllr Grover was born and raised in St Albans and has been a councillor since 2011.

He said: “Greens have plans to improve the things that matter for families and communities – from housing to health, childcare to transport. We’re the only ones with proper answers to the huge challenge of the climate and ecological emergency.”

Cllr Grover’s priorities include the threat from developers “queuing up” to build on green belt land, traffic issues related to rail freight traffic and the Luton Airport expansion, and the “completely unsatisfactory GP and dentist waiting times”.

He continued: “Labour is heading for a mighty win on July 4. But their plans for the country sound increasingly weak. It’s essential that Green MPs are there to push Labour to invest in public services and transform the economy into a green powerhouse.”


Stewart Satterly – Social Democratic Party

The Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) Parliamentary candidate Stewart Satterly discusses his plans ahead of the General Election on Thursday, July 4.

Stewart explained that he was “politically homeless” for the best part of 25 years, as no political party represented his views.

He said: “I discovered SDP (or rather rediscovered since we have been around since 1981) whilst helping deliver campaign leaflets for an SDP candidate in the 2019 General Election. From there, I started talking to party members, reading and contributing to our policies.

“Standing as an MP in St Albans will hopefully show people that there is an alternative to the current unconvincing choices and you don’t have to pick ‘the least worst’.”

Stewart spoke of his concern for the cost and reliability of transport, with the SDP mentioning in their manifesto that they want to re-nationalise the rail network.

He also promises to avoid the overdevelopment of the city, explaining that it is “perfectly possible” to build affordable housing without eating into green belt land.

He continued: “Labour, Liberal Democrats, and Conservatives have all been in government over the last 20-plus years. They have all had ample time to improve things for people and failed.”

The 2024 UK General Election will take place on Thursday, July 4. All residents who are registered to vote will be able to have their say until 10pm. Voters will need to show photo ID at polling stations.


Dafydd Moriss – Heritage Party

Dafydd Morriss from the Heritage Party has spoken to STALBANSnews ahead of the General Election on Thursday, July 4.

Dafydd admits that he is “not a politician” but is “concerned” with developments in modern society.

He said: “Mass immigration is out of control. The Heritage Party will push illegal boats back to France, and place strict caps on work and student visas.”

Dafydd said he wouldn’t “sacrifice the freedom of ordinary people on the altar of climate alarmism”.

He continued: “Schoolchildren are being exposed to appalling lesson content that confuses them about gender and undermines traditional family values. The Heritage Party will ban these lessons.

“The Heritage Party’s common-sense principles will return our once great and prosperous nation to its true traditions.”


John Leroy Dowdle – Reform UK

Meanwhile, Reform UK candidate John Leroy Dowdle has a BA and an MA in Government and Politics, and served as a councillor in Watford for four years.

He said: “My principal concern is to stop the Liberal Democrats ruining St Albans as they have managed to ruin other places where they have gained control.

“I will do everything in my power to stop them ruining the green belt and want to preserve the traditional way of life for residents which have been imperilled by the Liberal Democrats’ deliberate interference in the Charter Market and their excessive increases in parking charges.

“I will do a far better job of holding council members to account than the current MP has done.

“Whether you want to support me or a candidate of another party, I simply say ‘get out and vote’.

“If St Albans folk and others in the land truly want real change, they should consider voting differently. To get real change, you have to vote for it.”

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