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FACEBOOK DEBATE: Garston residents have mixed views on hand feeding foxes

 Published on: 31st August 2020   |   By: Amneet Kaur   |   Category: Uncategorized

Some Garston residents have been complaining about people hand feeding foxes as they fear they may forget how to fend for themselves. 

A debate on a Facebook group showed many residents have mixed views on hand feeding foxes.

Some believe it’s completely fine to do so, other fear foxes will become too tame.

The debate started as a local man often hand feeds foxes at Garston Park. 

In a comment on Facebook he said: “I have been looking after this lot of foxes for the past four years and only now have to reply to negative comments. Fact is, without my intervention none of the foxes there today would be alive without my help. They were in a sorry state when I first met them in 2017.

“They are lazy eaters and will scavenge at every opportunity. What I provide for them is a balanced diet that they need.”

Despite that, many still feel foxes should look for their own food.

One person said: “The foxes have become so tame they are not afraid of humans and will come really close to you now. People on the residents’ page have commented how the foxes have come into their houses. It’s just a matter of time before something tragic happens.”

Another intervened saying: “They are wild animals and we should not really be encouraging this. They are now fighting with the cats and keeping us awake half the night, it’s getting beyond a joke.”

A person defended the man in question and said: “The man you are talking about is a very kind, caring person who rescues and goes out of his way to help all wildlife. He tries his upmost to ensure they have food on a regular basis, but sadly can’t control where or whom they visit.”

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Picture credit: Sarah Cherryman

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