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CENSUS 2021: New data shines light on Pinner community

 Published on: 10th January 2023   |   By: Darius Morgan   |   Category: Uncategorized

The 2021 Census has been released, yielding fascinating results about the Pinner community.

In Pinner, 32 per cent of people identify as Christian, with 11 per cent identifying as Muslim, nearly double the average for England and Wales. It also appears that religion plays a more vital role in the Pinner community as a whole, as only 16.5 per cent identified as having no religion.

For the first time in a census of England and Wales, less than half of the population describe themselves as Christian. Since 2011, the number has decreased from just under 60 per cent to 46.2 per cent. Those identifying as having no religion has risen to 37.2 per cent, an increase of more than eight million people.

Examining ethnicity, Pinner also proves to be a more diverse location than much of England and Wales. The national average states that 81.7 per cent identify as White, with 9.3 per cent identifying as Asian, Asian British, Asian Welsh.

This is juxtaposed by the residents of Pinner, where the number of those answering White dropped to 44.3 per cent, and Asian rose to 41.4 per cent.

Also for the first time in England and Wales, Census data has revealed results of sexuality and gender identity.

The Census 2021 question on sexual orientation was voluntary and directed to those aged 16 and over, with 44.9 million people answering.

In Pinner, 89.3 per cent of people said they were heterosexual.

Just 0.8 per cent of Pinner residents identified as gay or lesbian, and 0.66 as bisexual. This is under the national average, as across England and Wales 1.5 per cent answered gay or lesbian, and 1.3 per cent answered bisexual.

People were also asked whether their gender identity was the same as the one they were registered with at birth, with 0.5 per cent of Pinner residents responding “no”.

Participants who did not want their answer to be revealed to their household had the opportunity to submit their responses in a separate form.

Photo credit: Shutterstock

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