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BLIND CORNERS: Concerned driver warns runners to be more careful on Chalfont St Peter road

 Published on: 2nd September 2021   |   By: Amneet Kaur   |   Category: Uncategorized

A Chalfont St Peter driver is encouraging runners to be more careful when using Chesham Lane, going from Newland Park to The Chalfonts.

The driver has had to avoid hitting a runner twice in recent weeks as there are many blind corners on the road.

He took to social media to express his concerns to locals.

In a post on Facebook the man wrote: “This is a note to all runners that use Chesham Lane going from Newland Park to Chalfont.

“There are lots of blind corners on this road. Twice in recent weeks I have had to brake hard and swerve to avoid hitting a runner running along the road around one of the bends. This morning, my passenger and I were left quite shaken by having to avoid a runner around 11am.

“We were only going 25mph but there was no way we could have seen you round the corner. We had to swerve to the other side in order not to hit you, luckily there were no cars coming the other way.

“I am not sure you realised how much danger you were briefly in – you didn’t react to get off the road. If I had been going faster, I dread to think what might have happened. It really worries me that there will be a nasty accident soon.

“If you run this route, please be careful and perhaps stick like glue to the verge so that you can get quickly to safely.”

Local people had mixed views on this as some claimed runners have as much right as drivers to use the road.

One person commented: “If you can’t see what is around a corner please slow down – yes slower than 25, that is too fast for some of the bends in that road. If you hit a pedestrian as a driver, you will be at fault.”

Another person said: “That is a very challenging lane to drive in the best of conditions. Runners should avoid it completely, if another car had been coming the runner might have been sandwiched between two cars both trying not to hit you or each other.”

Image courtesy of Google Maps

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