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Stanmore residents are being warned about car thieves in the area

 Published on: 11th October 2018   |   By: Rebecca Dundon   |   Category: Uncategorized

People in Stanmore are being warned about car thieves who have been trying to steal vehicles from drives in the area late at night.

The tip-off comes from a family who disturbed thieves trying to break into cars while they were sleeping early on September 20.

The brazen criminals were caught on cameras installed on the drive. 

Marcos Demetriou said he wanted to warn people as he is concerned this is becoming increasingly commonplace in Stanmore and across the area.

He said the family have a motion sensor doorbell. 

Marcos explained: “Whenever someone comes within a certain radius of it, it triggers a sound and a camera starts recording. Mum woke up to the sound of the motion sensor going off. There were four guys out on the drive trying to break into two cars. She banged on the window and as soon as she started they ran off. We noticed that the internal light was on in our next door neighbours car as well so ours was the second car they were trying.

“One man had a receiver. It searches for the signal that the key puts out from inside the house. Once it picks up the signal, it relays it to the transmitter, which the other man with his hood on was holding, waving it in front of the car door to unlock it. My brother is good with technology and had a car stolen off the driveway so he was able to tell the police what was going on.

“Our first reaction was shock and panic then started to set in. As soon as that settled, we called the police. We showed them the footage and heard that, from the evidence we provided, they wouldn’t be able to progress things any further. It made us all really angry and frustrated that there are people like this out there.”

A Met Police spokesman confirmed police were called at around 02:35hrs on Thursday, 20 September to reports of an attempted vehicle theft.

She added: “Officers later attended the scene and established nothing had been taken. CCTV provided by the victim was viewed by officers. An assessment of the available evidence was made and a decision was taken to close the investigation. The investigation can be reopened if any further evidence comes to light.”

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