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Sniffer dogs to search for Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in Chorleywood  

 Published on: 17th May 2018   |   By: Ryan Gray   |   Category: Uncategorized

The World Scent Detection Association (WSDA) is hosting a competition in Chorleywood to see whose dog has the best snout in the business.

The WSDA is an association that aims to train dogs up ready to compete in the ultimate scent competition, The Man Hunt. 

The Man Hunt is a new sport from the WSDA and requires an owner and their dog to become a crime fighting team, competing at various levels to solve mysteries. 

Now those crime fighting teams are set to be put through their paces in an amateur competition Chorleywood, where dogs will have to track down various items, included Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin models, scented using catnip and gun oil.

All dogs will come into the competition with 100 Pts and will gain more points for finding hidden items and delivering them to their owners, while those who fail to find the items will receive penalties.

Winners will be determined by highest number of points remaining and fastest times combined.

The competition will be judged by Jamie Pound, who runs Chorleywood Dog Training, with his wife Gemma and has trained with the Nando Brown School of Canine Science.

Jamie is qualified to train Handlers & their dogs for the WSDA Competition. 

He said: “Scent tracking is my passion – the benefits of it for an owner are unbelievable. 

“If you take your dog out for a walk and just throw a ball for it over and over again, it’s never going to be tired out. 

“If you take it tracking a few times, it’s going to affect its mind-set and, from a discipline point of view, it’s amazing what it does.”

Jamie believes scent tracking is a sport that is going to grow in popularity throughout the country and is looking forward to getting other people interested in it.

He said: “I think we’re at the start of something big here. 

“I train people in Chorleywood. There are only about 20 WSDA trainers in the country so it’s great for me to be able to do that.

“Scent tracking has never really been considered a dog sport before. You have agility courses and things like that, but this is something completely new and I think it’s going to be really big.”

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