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Man says goodbye to bum tum to lose a foot from waistline

 Published on: 12th June 2018   |   By: Tom Dyson   |   Category: Uncategorized

A man from Watford has made a complete weight transformation, shedding nearly seven stone after years of binging on junk food.

Mark Johnson has been used to piling on the pounds by eating fry-ups, pizza, fish and chips, ice cream and crisps on a regular basis, even binging on multiple McDonald’s meals in a day.

Although he is now very much in a happy place in his life, that wasn’t always the case as Mark ballooned to a whopping 23 stone at his heaviest.

It wasn’t until the 38-year-old was on holiday in Mexico back in 2012 that his insecurities about his size began to surface.

He said: “I wouldn’t really take my top off on holiday because I was self-conscious. I jumped into the pool whilst on holiday and swam to the other side as part of a drinking game run by holiday reps out there. My friend filmed it – when I saw the video I was shocked.”

At a size triple XL and with a waist of some 46 inches, Mark decided something had to change, initially trying out the pre-gastric band prescribed jelly and milk diet, only to see his weight yo-yo to no real affect.

Struggling to find the structure needed to change his unhealthy ways, this was only further compounded as Mark’s marriage broke down in 2013.

Despite rugby injuries that also threatened to thwart his progress, it was when Mark’s kids began joking that he had a “bum-shaped belly” that he decided he simply had to change his ways.

He said: “I googled training plans and stumbled across LDN Muscle’s online training guides. After doing some research, it was apparent that their guides had helped others lose weight and keep it off. I couldn’t afford to hire a PT and thought why not give it a shot for a small one-off investment.”

Mark has achieved an incredible transformation to trim a whopping foot off his waistline, losing nearly seven stone in the process.

Now with his new girlfriend Nicola too, he commented that he’s happier than ever, boasting a newly trimmed frame of just 16 stone 2lbs.

He added: “Deciding to invest in the LDN Muscle Cutting Guide is the best thing I’ve ever done. I started using it in 2015 and it’s really helped me to grasp a better understanding of how to follow a training plan and achieve a balanced diet.”

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