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HOT WATER: Chorleywood allotment users hit out at council after water troughs installed to replace stand pipes with no notice

 Published on: 19th July 2022   |   By: Bryn Holmes   |   Category: Uncategorized

Users of the allotments on Dog Kennel Lane in Chorleywood have spoken out about Chorleywood Parish Council’s decision to replace the existing standing pipes with new water troughs without their knowledge.

Many plot holders have written to CHORLEYWOODnews explain their dissatisfaction with the new method of watering their areas, speaking of it’s potential dangers and inconvenience.

They have also been unhappy in the method the council has gone about making these changes.

Stephen Fryer, one such plot holder, said: “They have done this without any consultation with the plot holders at Dog Kennel Lane and without giving any notice that this was going to be done.

“Their action will cause considerable extra work for the plot holders and make it much more difficult for them to maintain their plots. It will also deter anyone considering taking on one of the vacant plots from doing so.

“Many of the plots at Dog Kennel Lane are on slopes and carrying water to these could well lead to plot holders falling and injuring themselves. The parish council has bulldozed through an expensive and unsatisfactory option when better solutions were available.”

David Dunderdale concurred, stating: “In my opinion we have been treated very poorly indeed. I feel the council has a duty of care to all the plot holders, many of whom, like me, are pensioners. I feel they are failing us in their duty, and it will not be long before a serious injury takes place.

“I feel these proposals were rushed through without serious thought to health and safety. I have been on my plot for over ten years, and I am giving serious thought to giving up my plot because of this.”

Chair of the parish council, councillor Debbie Rosario, said: “The proposed upgrade works to the current water supply system at Dog Kennel Lane allotment site have been the subject of discussion for around 18 months.

“The emphasis is on making the parish council’s operations, including its allotment sites, sustainable and, in the case of the allotments, the aim is to both avoid water being wasted and reduce water consumption.

“After fully considering the allotment tenancy agreement, the parish council does not accept the view that it was obliged to consult with plot holders prior to commencing the works.

“The parish council does, however, accept that it should have given the plot holders advance notice of the commencement of the works. It has already tendered an apology to the plot holders for this oversight.

“To ensure this does not arise again, the parish council will look to put a procedure in place that will see plot holders given advance notice of any works that are planned to take place on the council’s allotment sites.

“However, plot holders are encouraged to view the committee’s agendas to ensure they keep informed of matters relating to the allotments.”

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