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Cyclist lucky to escape serious injury

 Published on: 27th July 2018   |   By: Tom Dyson   |   Category: Uncategorized

A cyclist who escaped serious injury after he was struck by a car in Bushey is urging drivers to be more aware.

Stuart Nurse was on his way home from work when he was clipped near Bushey Cemetery.

The collision led to him going over his handlebars and through the rear window of a black Audi.

He escaped with cuts and bruises and he also sustained ligament and muscle damage to his neck and shoulder.

He said: “I saw a line of parked cars I had to overtake and then the car came up behind me. I indicated to come out and must have been doing 30 kilometres an hour. I was 20 to 30 feet from the car and saw its bonnet was very close to me, about five to six inches from my leg. I then moved straight into the back of the car.”

After coming to, Stuart said he was met by the sight of a gentleman holding out a tissue. 

He said: “A young lady arrived who said she had a first aid kit in her car and she started to put a dressing on over my cut eyes as we waited for the police to arrive. I had to make a split second decision to avoid getting trapped by the moving car.”

Stuart sustained a broken nose, cuts to the face, cuts to his eyebrow area and his bottom lip but he insisted it could have been a lot worse. He spent two days in hospital following the drama.

He said: “If I had hit the roof support instead of the window I wouldn’t be here. I just want to raise awareness of what happens when people pass cyclists too close.  It’s something that I suffer every day. People come up way too close, give you nowhere to go and you can’t hear anything coming up behind you.

“I rode past the place where another cyclist, Nicholas Keeler, was killed earlier this year and it brought it all home to me.”

Stuart and his wife Lisa are appealing for anyone with information to come forward and police have confirmed they are investigating the incident.

Contact Liza Nurse on Facebook or call 101 if you have any further information.

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