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City’s Pet Services Owner Invited to Speak to Parliament

 Published on: 1st May 2018   |   By: Ryan Gray   |   Category: Uncategorized

The owner of a pet care business in St Albans was invited to speak to parliament about animal welfare issues.

After getting in touch with Councillor Marisa Heath, leader of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW), Lisa Sinnott, founder of Albany Pet Services, was invited to spend the day in Parliament discussing animal welfare issues she feels need to be addressed.

Lisa said: “We have a moral obligation as humans to treat animals with kindness. We share our world with them and it’s us that breeds them. While they are alive they deserve to have a good life.

“I saw Marisa was a councillor and run the party so i contacted her to see if we could have a phone chat or meet – and she invited me to parliament which I was really excited about.

“As founder of a Pet Care Services business I am passionate about animal care and welfare. I have grown my business based on my adoration of animals and commitment to ensure that each animal I care for needs are taken in to account.”

During her visit, Lisa spoke about regulating the animal behaviour and training industry, greater education about looking pets and legal limits of the amount of dogs that can be walked at any one time.

Cllr Marisa Heath said: “It is great that Lisa has shown an interest in the issues around animal welfare policy formation and more importantly the role businesses have to play in ensuring high standards.

“Anyone working with animals has a responsibility to stay updated on legislation and to get involved in encouraging high standards to be adopted. Additionally it is really helpful for us to hear what those working with animals are experiencing and to learn from them so we are pleased that Lisa wants to do more to help.”

Photo credit: Lisa Sinnott

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