Watford’s star baker comes close to success

November 1st 2017, 0 Comments, Published by Tim Green

The Great British Bake off (GBBO) final was a close call between Steven Carter-Bailey, Kate Lyon and Sophie Faldo on October 31.

Following an embarrassing slip on Twitter from Prue that read ‘Bravo Sophie’, many GBBO fans were thrilled nonetheless when Sophie was pronounced as winner later on in the show- with Steven having a good chance of victory before.

In the first round of the season eight finale, Steven’s roasted garlic and fontina loaves didn’t go quite to plan after Paul labelled them as “disappointing”. However, things soon brightened up for him in the technical challenge, where his ginger biscuits won over the judges.

For the showstopper, the three remaining contestants were instructed to make an entremet using five or more different elements. Steven’s bold showstopper consisted of a challenging number of 14 elements, but despite his best efforts and brave recipe, the layers of his yin and yang entremet ended up blending into one another.

Paul said: “”This all comes down to timing – as I’ve said before.”

Steven, who has won star baker three times in the series, is now BBFFS (baking best friends forever) with Sophie and declared on Twitter that he is “so incredibly proud” of her success in the competition.

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