Misha Mistry

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Misha Mistry
Design Editor

Favourite music: Old Skool, RnB and to mix it up – Mr Brightside! lol

Favourite restaurant: Bar Azita

Favourite country: New Zealand

Favourite Bear: Winnie the Pooh (yes I’m a big kid)



Despite being a midland lass, I have lived in nearby Harpenden for just over five years so moving to the My News family in Apsley was quite easy for me. Within a few days My News editor Nik and sub editor Gemma were jumping at the opportunity to take the micky out of my accent. It’s funny that they call me a ‘northerner’ when in fact there’s a clue in the word ‘Midlands!’ Whatever makes them happy. As the head designer here, it is me who deals with all you advertisers, designs ads and sometimes, if Gemma lets me, designs double page spreads.