A school in Kings Langley is barred from admitting further pupils

Rudolf Steiner School in Kings Langley has been barred from accepting more pupils, the Department for Education (DfE) has confirmed.

The measure was put in place after a recent Ofsted inspection raised particular concerns around leadership and safeguarding.

The school were informed of the move earlier this month and have until April 10 to appeal. The restriction does not come into effect until that date, and if the school appeals, will not come into effect until the tribunal deals with the appeal.

A spokesman for Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley confirmed they will appeal the decision and said they were surprised and disappointed at the DfE’s decision.

He added: “Following our last Ofsted inspection, in December 2016, a comprehensive action plan was produced by school management, and we are confident that we have addressed the main safeguarding concerns.

“A great deal of progress has also been made toward fully meeting the Independent Schools Standards in all other areas that Ofsted highlighted in its report.

“The parent body’s support has been tremendous, and they are working with the school to ensure that all of the new measures, especially regarding safeguarding, are integrated seamlessly in to the school’s culture, while maintaining the ethos of a community friendly school.

“We will appeal against the decision by the DfE and during the appeal process, the school will be able to continue to admit new students.

“The school management is confident in meeting all Independent School Standards, and will request an inspection in due course.”

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